Do you ever hit that point in your journey when you start to feel like you being weighed down by everything around you?

Lately, it has felt like life has been throwing speed humps in my road, and no matter how much gas I give it, I just can’t seem to climb over them.
I’m going to be completely transparent here for a moment with you. Being an indie author is a lot more work than I ever thought it would be.
It’s not just writing a book and publishing it.
It’s social media: Facebook page, Facebook Groups, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter. Participating in Facebook Release Parties, Cover Reveals, and Spotlights.
It’s creating games and giveaways for parties and promotions.
It’s managing teams: Alpha, Beta, ARCs.
It’s fighting with Kindle Direct Publisher and Amazon.
It’s drafting, editing, second drafts, re-edits, third drafts thru fifth drafts.
It’s formatting and copyrights and deadlines.
It’s creating the perfect cover to catch the eye of the reader.
It’s creating a budget and trying to get everything to fit inside of that budget.
It’s fighting for reviews and no matter hard you try or how much you push, you just can’t seem to get them.
It’s fighting piracy and copyright infringements.
It’s sleepless, worry-filled nights.
It’s making sure you remember self-care and to spend some time with your family, to ground yourself.

But it’s also getting that message from someone you touched with your words.
It’s getting that note that someone read your story and finally no longer feels alone.
It’s knowing that you helped someone find a light at the end of their dark tunnel.
It’s knowing that you provided joy for someone who needed to escape their life for just a few hours.

I love what I’m doing and yes, it’s overwhelming, but no matter how hard it gets, I will remember that for those few people I provided something with the words I wrote, and I will keep pushing on.

So when you’re feeling overwhelmed and like you can’t push through, try to find that little spark of light and fight. Fight for the light at the end of your tunnel.

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