New Beginnings

The sun rises on new beginnings

How exciting it is to start this journey and be able to share it with you all. For a first post I thought that I would share a little background into why or how this journey started, because it was definitely unexpected.

This all started as a dare however it didn’t stay there when my 12 year old was diagnosed with depression and having had thoughts of suicide. As a writer herself I challenged her use that talent to help her manage her thoughts and feelings. I challenged her give her characters the same issues she was dealing with and to find a positive outcome for them, and then learn from that.What steps were needed, how they came to that outcome, and so on.

She accepted this challenge on one condition; I would publish a book myself. Challenge accepted, I’m not one to back down. Plus I would never pass on an opportunity to teach my children to always reach for the stars and never give up on their ambitions or dreams.

So here I sit 2 months later, writing my first blog, publishing my first website, setting up a thousand social media accounts all while my first book is being edited and up for pre-order. Wow, just wow. Not much more to say to that other than here’s to the start of a new chapter.

Originally posted on September 20, 2020

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