Beautifully Shattered

I think sometimes we’re all a little beautifully shattered, I didn’t realize how much I was until I sat down and started to write my first book. A collaboration of truth and fiction. Breaking and healing.

This story took on a new meaning for me while I wrote it. It was an unintentional chance for me to face my own demons, my own shattered past, and work on healing the brokenness I didn’t realize was still there.

In the end I think it was worth it all. I can’t wait for you share in the healing journey Riley goes through and the new beginning she starts. I hope this story can inspire you in some way, maybe even show there is a light at the end of all dark tunnels, We just have to fight harder sometimes to find it, even if it means punching a hole in the side to get to it.

Beautifully Shattered

Shadowcrest Pack Series, Book One

Four alpha wolves, one alpha bear and one lost, confused, and hurt alpha she-wolf. Sounds like the beginning of a really bad bar joke. Only this was my life.

I knew one day I would be the alpha of my pack. Been preparing for it since before I could walk. I just never thought I would have to lose everything to get there, including myself.

After years on my own, the new alphas in my life have taken it upon themselves to try to fix me. Only they don’t know who they’re dealing with.

Beautifully Shattered is book one of three in the Shadowcrest Pack Series, that ends on a cliffhanger. This is a reverse harem paranormal romance featuring one female with five males; that is a slow/medium burn containing M/M and F/M/M/M/M/M sexual themes suitable for +18 audience. Trigger Warnings: This book includes substance abuse, sexual assault, physical abuse and violence, swearing, and PTSD.

Releasing Saturday, October 31, 2020

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