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“Gods Dammit!! Book hangovers are real!

I literally could not put this book down.  I finished it the first night.  Then I had to read it again… and again….”


Beautifully Shattered


I was seriously BLOWN AWAY. The storyline is one I’ve never read before…”


Beautifully Shattered

“What do I do now?

For a debut novel Livingstone knocked it out of the park. There are some possible triggers but those are handled well and made sense to the story line. It does end in a cliffhanger and I’m now desperate for more!…”


Beautifully Shattered

Reviews from

“Further down the rabbit hole

So many mind games and manipulations. We finally get some answer to questions that were burning from book one but left with even more….”


Shattered Strength

“Does not disappoint!!

… more of the characters you fell in love with in the first book … will keep you up all night “turning” the pages. Cannot wait until the next one!”


Shattered Strength

“All the feels

This book is so heartbreaking and real, the author does an amazing job at making you feel Riley’s pain. … good job at showcasing the struggles associated with PTSD and addiction. …”


Beautifully Shattered

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